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7 of the Best Things You Can Buy from Japanese Vending Machines

Japanese vending machines

Japanese vending machines

With over five million vending machines locally known as jidohanbaiki, Japan makes it easier for its citizens and tourists to find food, drink, and so much more at any time of the day. You do not have to walk far or search for long to see one. From city and rural streets to some of the country’s Buddhist temples, here are some of the things you can get from the ubiquitous Japanese vending machines.

1. Alcoholic drinks like sake and a wide array of canned beers. You can also grab a can or more of alcoholic beverages known as chu-hai like hyouketsu (vodka mixed with carbonated water that comes in fruity flavors) and the widely-popular Strong Zero Japan has added to its many delightful creations. Strong Zero is a fruity-flavored drink with 8% alcohol percentage.

2. Hot beverages, canned corn soup, and other filling “drinks”.

3. Umbrellas for when forget or lose yours and find yourself suddenly get caught in the rain.

4. Something for luck – your fortune or an amulet from a vending machine at a temple or shrine.

5. A wide array of delicious food and treats like different flavors of crêpes , cup noodles, ramen in cans, soba noodles, udon, sushi, and more.

6. Books you can easily fit in your pocket or bag so you do not have to worry about boring commutes.

7. Flowers or floral arrangements for when you do not have the time to head out to a shop or would like to give one to someone on a whim.

And a lot of other things you can only find in Japan’s dependable vending machines.

Packing Light When Travelling


Who doesn’t love travelling? Be it going to a nearby tourist attraction or going somewhere remote, travelling is something all of us really enjoy doing – along with packing clothes, bringing goods, and buying souvenirs that’ll last for days while on the go. But what if you’re going to a place where you have to go up on a mountain or go down on a ledge? Will you still pack all those clothes, bring all those goods, and buy all those souvenirs?

Well, the answer is: YES!

But wait…there’s more. This is only possible if your packed clothes, your brought goods, and your bought souvenirs are lightweight.

That being said, here are some benefits in packing light when travelling:

You can make room for other important things.

Think you only need to pack clothes and bring goods, as well as buy souvenirs? Think again! You also need to make room for other important things such as emergency kits and tools for both domestic use and survival use like flashlights and matches. This way, you don’t need to worry about accidentally getting wounded or suddenly getting lost. You also don’t need to worry about running out of water or running out of food. Pocket knives and water bottles can help you hunt for something to eat and drink.

You can go just about everywhere, without compromising any limitation and without feeling any pain.

Pack light travel far. That’s what packing light is about. You see, packing light allows one to go just about everywhere – without compromising any limitations you might have (e.g. getting tired easily when going up on mountains or getting stuck when going down on ledges). It will also allow you to move freely, even run anywhere you want, without feeling any pain on your shoulders, on your arms, or your legs due to both heavy baggage and exhaustion.

Travel Health – Eating Right When on the Road

delicious meal

The time spent on air or on the road traveling often disrupts healthy routines. This sometimes makes it tough to maintain a good diet. There are instances when you end up eating high-calorie and sugary foods to fill the hunger or to get the energy needed to cope with fatigue. Sticking to a nutrient-rich and balanced diet when traveling may seem challenging at the onset. But it is one of the best practices you may want to keep if you want to take better care of your health when on the road. Here are some of the many ways to eat right on your travels.


Bring what you can – If you are like Anthony Bourdain, you may not be a huge fan of airplane food. In fact, you probably want to avoid it as much as possible. Airplane food is not exactly high on the list of the healthiest meals out there. But without much choice on the matter, most people eat it to alleviate the hunger, especially during long-haul flights. Still, it is not like you have no other choice on the matter. Sometimes you just have to go the extra mile to prepare for the trip so you can fuel your body with the right food. One of the best things you can do is to bring whatever food you can that will be allowed on the plane. Pack just enough to sustain you during the wait at the airport, during the flight, or on layovers.


Plan road trip stops
– If you are on a road trip, it helps to plan your stops well ahead of time. This can help you avoid unscheduled stops that may lure you to indulge on unnecessary meals or snacks. Check restaurant options on stop points along your route. This should give you a fairly good idea of what options are available to you when you stop for lunch, dinner, or coffee.


Go for the healthier choices – You do not have to skip a meal just to avoid eating at fast food restaurants. You can always go for the healthier choices on the menu. Or you can make special requests to suit your preferences. Study the menu carefully. Take the time to check the descriptions and see which ones are the better options for you. Pass up on sodas or sweet beverages. Instead, just ask for water. If you are eating salads, choose oriental dressings. If you are ordering a burger, you may want to skip the fries.

How Virtual Reality Saved my Life

Lowering errors made during surgery, taking college books alive, enabling us to browse retailers from your comfort of reality that is home—virtual is not just about gambling, our lifestyles will be changed by it, based on some technology leaders.

“VR” may be the hype industry at the greatest computer fair, Computex of Japan, being used in the cash Taipei of Taiwan this week. The island is wanting to become progress centre for virtual reality technology.
But while VR is directed at participants, its evangelists estimate it will ultimately not be about a whole lot less than amusement.

“We know that gaming could be the first wave of revenue and players the primary trend of shoppers, but our perspective is bigger than gaming,” stated Raymond Pao, Vicepresident of VR New Technology at Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC, which recently released its first VR headset: Vive.

Pao claims any marketplace that may use 3D may find yourself applying the engineering.
HTC is among main technology businesses including Facebook which have latched to become a large industry.
With the Vive device secured for their heads, customers at Computex “flew” over Newyork or put grenades at enemies on the cobbled road of the deserted city.
But HTC has already branched out in to the medical sector too.

The firm this past year committed to a people startup virtual reality to assist is used by that head businesses that were challenging are planned by doctors.
Education and retail will also be believed to be the following frontier for VR enhanced reality, and its own cousin.

Augmented reality overlays holograms on a genuine watch while virtual reality units place people in dream planets.
“What we study on books or labs could not be genuinely lively, but VR and AR will greatly improve understanding abilities,” Zhu Bo, founding father of InnoValley, an Asian start-up investor-based in Shenzhen, told AFP.
“it may also be utilized in ecommerce. To the shelves, you’ll move right into a genuine arena, you can view the products in the future, hint and experience them. So our shopping experience can absolutely alter,” said Zhu, who has invested in the industry but didn’t provide specifics.

$5.1 million this year may be reached by the international market measurement of virtual reality products and is expected to more than double to $10.9 billion in 2017, in accordance with Taipei-based marketplace intelligence provider TrendForce.

How VR Can Help Save Lives

Decreasing errors produced during surgery, providing faculty books to life, allowing us to search shops in the ease of home—virtual the truth is not only about gambling, our lives will be changed by it, based on some technology leaders.
“VR” could be the thrill market at Asiais greatest computer honest, Computex, this week being held in Taiwanis cash Taipei,. The area is hoping to be always a growth heart for virtual reality engineering.
But while VR happens to be aimed at participants, its evangelists estimate it’ll eventually not be about a great deal less than entertainment.
“we realize that gaming could be the first influx of income and gamers the first influx of buyers, but our vision is larger than gambling,” said Raymond Pao, Vice President of VR New Engineering at Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC, which recently released its first VR headset: Vive.
Pao suggests any industry which could utilize 3D might end-up using the technology.
HTC is among key technology companies including Facebook and Samsung which have locked becoming a large market.
Together with their brains were secured with by the Vive product, people at Computex “flew” over Ny or threw grenades at foes on the stoned road of a deserted area.
But HTC has branched out into the medical sector also.

The firm this past year committed to a people start up virtual reality to aid is used by that specialists plan head functions that were complicated.
Schooling and retail can also be predicted to become its own relative, enhanced reality and the following frontier for VR.
Though people are set by virtual reality units in dream sides, augmented reality overlays holograms on a genuine view.
“What we learn from textbooks or laboratories can be really dull, but AR and VR may significantly increase learning abilities,” Zhu Bo, founder an Oriental start-up, of InnoValley investor-based in Shenzhen, told AFP.
“It can also be properly used in e-commerce. As time goes on, you will step right into an actual arena, you hint, can view the merchandise to the cabinets and feel them. Thus our buying experience will entirely modify,” said Zhu, who has invested in the field but didn’t present particulars.
$5.1 billion this season may be reached by virtual reality products’ global market size and it is expected to significantly more than dual to $10.9 billion in 2017, in accordance with Taipei-centered market intelligence service TrendForce.