7 of the Best Things You Can Buy from Japanese Vending Machines

Japanese vending machines

Japanese vending machines

With over five million vending machines locally known as jidohanbaiki, Japan makes it easier for its citizens and tourists to find food, drink, and so much more at any time of the day. You do not have to walk far or search for long to see one. From city and rural streets to some of the country’s Buddhist temples, here are some of the things you can get from the ubiquitous Japanese vending machines.

1. Alcoholic drinks like sake and a wide array of canned beers. You can also grab a can or more of alcoholic beverages known as chu-hai like hyouketsu (vodka mixed with carbonated water that comes in fruity flavors) and the widely-popular Strong Zero Japan has added to its many delightful creations. Strong Zero is a fruity-flavored drink with 8% alcohol percentage.

2. Hot beverages, canned corn soup, and other filling “drinks”.

3. Umbrellas for when forget or lose yours and find yourself suddenly get caught in the rain.

4. Something for luck – your fortune or an amulet from a vending machine at a temple or shrine.

5. A wide array of delicious food and treats like different flavors of crêpes , cup noodles, ramen in cans, soba noodles, udon, sushi, and more.

6. Books you can easily fit in your pocket or bag so you do not have to worry about boring commutes.

7. Flowers or floral arrangements for when you do not have the time to head out to a shop or would like to give one to someone on a whim.

And a lot of other things you can only find in Japan’s dependable vending machines.